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Suppliers for Lab rec.

SPLUNC2 (Mouse) Mouse mAb

MBS8538906-01mLAF405L MyBiosource 0.1mL(AF405L)

SPLUNC2 (Mouse) Mouse mAb

MBS8538906-01mLAF405S MyBiosource 0.1mL(AF405S)

SPLUNC2 (Mouse) Mouse mAb

MBS8538906-01mLAF610 MyBiosource 0.1mL(AF610)

SPLUNC2 (Mouse) Mouse mAb

MBS8538906-01mLAF635 MyBiosource 0.1mL(AF635)

LPLUNC1 (Mouse) Mouse mAb

MBS8538911-01mL MyBiosource 0.1mL

LPLUNC1 (Mouse) Mouse mAb

MBS8538911-01mLAF405L MyBiosource 0.1mL(AF405L)

LPLUNC1 (Mouse) Mouse mAb

MBS8538911-01mLAF405S MyBiosource 0.1mL(AF405S)


ABC-TC0956 AcceGen 1 vial Ask for price


PVTY00072 Nova Lifetech 2ug 280 EUR


PVT4025 Nova Lifetech 2ug 216 EUR

REC-2615 (HCl)

530142 MedKoo Biosciences 10.0mg 295 EUR


tlrl-flic-10 InvivoGen FR 10 µg 295.05 EUR


tlrl-flic-50 InvivoGen FR 50 µg 731.85 EUR

rec EGF (human)

4030572.01 Bachem 0.1 mg 102.27 EUR

rec EGF (human)

4030572.05 Bachem 0.5 mg 271.85 EUR

Our used antibodies in Pubmed.

H2S Test Medium

K019-1PK EWC Diagnostics 1 unit 8.82 EUR

Vitamin B7 Test

R6001 Ring Biotechnology Co 96T 200 EUR

Vitamin B9 Test

R6002 Ring Biotechnology Co 96T 200 EUR

Single Test Kit

EKIT-009 Creative BioMart 20 assays 399.2 EUR

HBcAb Test Card

HBcAb-252 Innovation Biotech 4.0 mm (strip in a card) 25cards/box 0.32 EUR

Elisa Kits that are for Bone Development

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